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Subaru Servicing

HAIG PARK SERVICE CENTRE is Canberra's specialised workshop for SubSubaru Servicearu’s.

Here at Haig Park Service Centre / Subaroo Service we can service all the major brands of vehicles specialising in Subaru's. All our technicians are specially trained to service and repair all makes and models of Subaru’s.

We can perform major and minor work on all SUBARU models - old and new without affecting your new car warranty. We have invested in the latest Subaru equipment which allows us to carry out all diagnostic and coding functions.

Having your Subaru serviced with us means that your cars warranty is not affected. This is because we use genuine (OE) and approved spare parts. Your Log book is stamped with every Log Book service we do assuring your New Car Warranty is protected!

How often should your Subaru be serviced?

There is a choice between variable servicing and time and distance servicing.

For a vehicle being serviced according to time and distance, services will be required at fixed intervals. Your Subaru should be service every 12 500km or every 6 months which ever comes first.

Where variable servicing is chosen, sensors located within your engine and other working components of the vehicle will inform you when servicing is required.

Your Subaru New Car Warranty is Protected!

Since Australian Laws have changed, Independent Garages can log book servicingcarry out new car servicing without voiding your new car warranty.

Getting your vehicle serviced with Subaroo Service means that your new car warranty is always protected. We use genuine and approved Subaru spare parts which are of “Original Equipment” (OE) quality standard.

Your Log book is stamped everytime we do Log Book servicing.

If your Subaru is out of warranty?

If you are looking for value, quality, and convenience. Then look no further. We offer a first class service and repair facility.

At Subaroo Service we undertake all types of work, from servicing, replacing timing belts and full engine diagnostics to electronic management and service warning light reset. All work on your vehicle, will be carried out to the very highest standard using approved parts only.

Why should you let us look after your Subaru ?

We Specialise in Servicing Subaru's.

We can also preform the following